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You can use the music for free in your multimedia project (online videos (Youtube,...), websites, animations, etc.) as long as you credit me. It has been a quiet year for big statement`s too: queen of controversy Miley Cyrus spent most of the year smoking bongs and sporting dodgy quasi-political prosthetics , and the all round absence of albums from most of the music`s major players (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kanye, Frank Ocean) means this year`s videos have been relatively low-key.According to one esteemed arts critic, 2014 was a year in which music videos spanned the sublime, sinister, silly and sleazy”.  Notable mentions must go to Björk , who decided not to offset the heartbroken savagery of her album Vulnicura by making videos featuring babies cuddling owls, and instead aimed to emote further: there was Mouth Mantra, shot from within the artist`s own gob (a relatively distressing take on intimacy); while Stonemilker`s 360-degree virtual reality video plonked fans directly into her home turf, with the viewer able to navigate their way around her back yard.After hyping up the app for several months, Google finally released YouTube Music for iOS and Android devices on Thursday, November 12th.  It was also a year in which certain societal contexts inspired artists to make videos with a more politically conscious message: MIA`s recent self-directed comeback, Borders , symbolised the struggle of refugees, while Kendrick Lamar`s monochrome masterpiece for Alright further contextualised his message of hope and power in the face of police brutality.According to a Facebook statement from the band, friends and family are invited to attend a ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood, Los Angeles.  For his part, Limb`s quest to understand what`s actually going on in the brain during this instinctual process has shown that the area of the brain related to self-monitoring and observation deactivates when musicians are improvising, while the region linked with self-expression lights up. So Hadero`s babble in fact represents an important internal physiological change.Apply to Berklee`s undergraduate, master`s, and summer programs and register for courses offered by our online school. The year`s other important jazz book is The Long Shadow of the Little Giant (Equinox), in which Simon Spillett reconstructs the life of the great saxophonist Tubby Hayes, a one-time teenage prodigy who died in 1973, aged 38. The best of a generation of British jazz musicians whose overriding priority was to emulate their American heroes, Hayes was also one of the many who allowed that emulation to extend to an engagement with heroin.
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No worries, Music Vault has an extensive jazz channel featuring everyone from Miles Davis to Herbie Hancock to Tony Bennet , and including newer artists like vocalist Lizz Wright and trio The Bad Plus (They`ve even got a surprising performance from Orange is the New Black`s Lea DeLaria at the Newport Jazz Festival in 2002) The Music Vault also hosts classic music documentaries and interviews, like the Rolling Stones 1976 European Tour documentary below.Grove Music Online is the eighth edition of Grove`s Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and contains articles commissioned specifically for the site as well as articles from New Grove 2001, Grove Opera , and Grove Jazz The recently published second editions of The Grove Dictionary of American Music and The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments are still being put online, and new articles are added to GMO with each site update.Def Jam`s first hip-hop superstar was a charismatic 17-year-old from Queens named James Todd Smith, better known as LL Cool J (shorthand for Ladies Love Cool James.) Ladies might have dug his debut album, Radio—it was an instant success, both critically and commercially, eventually selling well over a million copies—but at this stage his music was aimed mostly at a male audience.That blueprint would influence both carbon copy artists like Da Brat and Domino and even subtly affect the music of the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z (the future East Coast titans, who had rapped like Mr. Funkee of LOTUG and the Fu-Schnickens, respectively, noticeably decompressed their flows, letting words and lines breathe, in the wake of Doggystyle), among other East Coast artists.There`s even a free, ad-supported version of Play Music`s radio, which incorporates songs available in the Play Store that you can purchase a la carte, much like Pandora or Spotify`s linking Play Music and the Play Store so closely, Google wants you to upload the songs you want to take with you, listen to them anytime, and buy new ones from the Play Store with a single tap.

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